small group

Where You Live for January 30

by Dan Lentz 1. When you were a kid, who stood up for you when you got into trouble? Who did you go to for comfort when you were sad? Read Isaiah 53:1-12. 2. This passage prophetically describes Jesus. What amazes you most about Jesus from these verses? • He was not physically attractive (v. […]

small group

Where You Live for January 23

by Dan Lentz 1. If you worked on a cruise ship, which job would you most naturally be suited to do? • Captain—I like to be in control. • Steward—I like to make people happy. • Social Director—I like to have fun. • Navigator—I like to know where we are going.   Read Isaiah 49:1-7. […]

Small Group Questions

Where You Live for January 16

by Dan Lentz 1. Draw lines on a sheet of paper that approximate a bingo card—five boxes wide by five boxes high. Write one phrase in each of the 25 boxes. Here are some examples to get you started: birthday in January, plays a musical instrument, likes pizza with pineapple, born in another state, looks […]