Celebrating the Power of the Blood

By Dr. Doug Redford Many people become rather squeamish at the sight of blood. Some even faint when they see it. Any scene on a television show or in a movie in which a character happens upon a trail of blood or a bloodstain on the floor or the wall usually does not end well. […]

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Celebrating God’s Work Behind the Scenes

By Dr. Doug Redford Whenever the month of March appears on the calendar, the minds of college basketball fans turn to thoughts of March Madness and the NCAA tournament. Many fans fill out their brackets and try to predict the outcomes of games and the eventual tournament champion. For the Jewish people, this time of […]


Christmas Through Tears

By Doug Redford In its opening verse, the beloved Christmas carol “Silent Night” describes a scene in which “All is calm, all is bright / Round yon virgin mother and child. Holy infant so tender and mild.” Yet the world beyond that mother and child was anything but calm and bright. It was a world […]


Gentleness: Quiet Power at Work

By Doug Redford Watch a mother dry the tears of a child who’s fallen while playing outside. Witness a father mending a broken toy for a son or daughter. Consider a surgeon as he or she goes about the task of repairing a broken bone. In each case gentleness is at work—quiet but effective. The […]

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The Old Testament: A Journal of Joy

By Doug Redford If one were to ask people what they associate with Old Testament religion, the following suggestions might be offered: blood, ritual, feasts, sacrifice, or altar. We often tend to view the religion of the Old Testament in terms of certain practices and observances (Passover, for example). We study closely those practices and […]