Editor Change for The Lookout

Shawn McMullen has been named the new editor of The Lookout. He will begin his tenure at the end of May. Christian Standard Media’s new publisher, Jerry Harris, said, “We are so excited about having Shawn on the team. His leadership, pastoral, and editorial experience will serve this ministry so well. We are also so […]

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Fun Is Good

By Kelly Carr Sometimes when we think about the Bible, we get our serious faces on. And rightly so, as there are serious topics within. However, we may overlook the joys in God’s Word. When we consider the Old Testament, we tend to lean toward the commandments (serious rules) and the punishment given to God’s […]

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Doubt—You’re Not Alone

By Kelly Carr Change is hard. Even when change is for our own good, the transition may cause us some doubt. When a company makes changes, we may doubt the wisdom of those making the decisions, wondering if they have our best interests at heart as employees. When a church makes changes, we may doubt […]