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The Christian’s Hope

By H. Lynn Gardner Terrorist attacks, murders, churches approving same-sex marriages, rampant pornography, cohabitation. We worry about the future for our children and grandchildren. Instead of despair, Christians should respond with hope. We have the opportunity to share the good news of hope with a hopeless world. Hope in the biblical sense is not a […]

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Art for God’s Glory

By H. Lynn Gardner Marv Dahmen, a retired art teacher, serves as a deacon of the Christian Church of Carl Junction, Missouri. Through rocks, cars, and sculptures, his creativity abounds. Art with Rocks Since age 5 Marv has loved rocks. At age 13 he began to cut and polish stones and make jewelry. Collecting rocks […]


Resisting the Devil

By H. Lynn Gardner After Jesus’ baptism at the beginning of his ministry, the devil attempted to deceive Jesus into obeying him and using his miraculous power to gain people’s allegiance. Jesus demonstrated decisively that he, not the devil, was in charge of his ministry. Temptation in the Wilderness The Holy Spirit led Jesus into […]

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Leaders & Followers Serving Together

By H. Lynn Gardner Leaders and followers serving together produce effective organizations, including churches. Leaders A leader is a person people trust and follow. People follow leaders who are honest, having demonstrated their trustworthiness by consistently telling the truth. James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner in The Leadership Challenge reported that 88 percent of […]

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Jesus Confronted the Religious Leaders

By H. Lynn Gardner Why would Jesus who taught “turn the other cheek” engage in controversy? The simple answer is that both truth and people mattered.  Our culture seems to believe that no absolute truth exists regarding morality, religion, and values. We are told we must approve anything someone believes is his or her truth. […]