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Effective Listening

By H. Lynn Gardner “You’re not listening to me!”  “But, that’s not what I said!”  “Let me finish!”  The art of listening is not an exact science.  After a conversation, a man complimented his friend on his communication skills. The friend had not said more than five words; he had listened for 25 minutes.  Relationships […]

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Essentials of the Restoration Plea

By H. Lynn Gardner The heart of the Restoration Movement plea is a search, an ongoing journey. Rather than believing they have achieved the perfect church, those committed to the plea attempt to be the church today in essence and essentials as Christ established it and desires it to be. The plea challenges all to […]

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Never Give Up

By H. Lynn Gardner   In the struggle to live for God in this fallen world, who hasn’t asked, “What’s the use? Is it worth it all?” Peter highlights the need for perseverance (2 Peter 1:6).  William Barclay called the Greek word for perseverance “one of the noblest of New Testament words.” The word literally […]

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Helping Others Succeed

H. Lynn Gardner   Famed basketball coach John Wooden defined success as “knowing you made the effort to become the best of which you are capable.” We succeed when we help others succeed.  Success can mean personal development and growth into maturity or it can relate to the development of skills leading to productivity in […]

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Preserving America’s Religious Freedom

By H. Lynn Gardner   As a child, Dr. Garland Bare lived in Tibet until Communists forced his family’s departure. He spent 23 years as a missionary and doctor in Thailand. He observed stages in the loss of religious freedom. First, a political correctness defined and controlled acceptable speech. Second, officials favored and protected certain […]