Christ’s Resurrection Gives Us Hope

By H. Lynn Gardner    Our 34-year-old son died in a truck accident in 1999. Four months later, tests revealed I had a terminal lung disease. A few years later my wife learned she had breast cancer. Such events test one’s faith and hope.  Facing death makes one think seriously about the meaning of life […]

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What Christ’s Sufferings Teach Us About God

By H. Lynn Gardner    From the pristine perfection of Heaven, Jesus came to earth to live in this vale of tears as a suffering servant. It amazes us that God would humble and humiliate himself to experience opposition, suffering, and death.    Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something […]

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Dealing with Doubt

By H. Lynn Gardner   Doubt is a human problem common in the process of learning and knowing. Because beliefs in ultimate issues cannot be absolutely proved, both believers and unbelievers experience doubts. The more important the matter doubted, the greater the urgency to address the doubt. Doubts concerning God and his truth assume supreme […]

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A Time and a Place for Tolerance

By H. Lynn Gardner   Living with our differences is a constant challenge. Understanding two rival definitions of tolerance guides us in knowing when to be tolerant and when not to be tolerant. Traditionally, tolerance has meant respect for those who hold differing views from one’s own. However, a new definition of tolerance has emerged […]