Friendships Are Good for Your Health

By Jacqueline J. Holness “Squad goals” is a social media term that gained popularity in 2015 and still continues to be used to define what you hope your group of friends (your squad) embodies. In August the U.S. women’s gymnastics team wore shirts with the term and posted a picture of themselves on Instagram. With […]


Should I Keep Tithing?

By Jacqueline J. Holness “God Vs. Your Bank Account: Can You Afford to Tithe?” was the title of an article published earlier this year by Forbes. The contributor Zina Kumok interviewed financial planners about how they advised their clients when they wanted to tithe but couldn’t afford to do so. The article reminds me of […]

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The Presidential Election

By Jacqueline J. Holness In just under a month, our nation will elect its 45th president. While political campaigns are typically not in my scope of exploration in this column, the political campaign process has, unfortunately, become like a game of our favorite sports. And sports frenzy is unquestionably part of American culture. During a […]

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What’s in a Name?

By Jacqueline J. Holness Ever since I was a little girl, I was always fascinated with names, how people received their names, and the meanings behind their names. Even now, when I get bored and I’m sitting in an audience somewhere, I pull out a pen and a piece of paper and create names of […]

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Equipping Change Makers

By Jacqueline J. Holness Birthed in 1999, Catalyst is a nondenominational organization that defines itself as “a community of change makers” endeavoring to encourage the next generation of church leaders. They hold conferences across the country and offer leadership resources ( I had the chance to speak with Tyler Reagin, executive director of Catalyst. How […]