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Supporting Sisters

By Jacqueline J. Holness As this issue of The Lookout is devoted to women’s topics, I decided to devote this column to five revolutionary biblical women I rarely hear about: the five daughters of Zelophehad mentioned in Numbers 27.  Petitioning Together Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milkah, and Tirzah were faced with a dilemma after the death […]



By Jacqueline J. Holness With the dawning of a new year, it is time to put away the previous year’s days, whether dominated by joy or permeated with sadness or an equal measure of the two, and clear away room for what is ahead. I mostly feel optimism about the new year, but hidden beneath […]


A Revealing Data Hack

By Jacqueline J. Holness In December people begin reflecting on the best and worst parts of their year. For many, there will be high points from 2015 for which to be thankful, such the birth of a grandchild, a new home purchase, or a new job. Many will also be glad the year is coming […]


Church Building Decline

By Jacqueline J. Holness As Christ’s church, Christians recognize that our own bodies are “temples of the Holy Spirit” as noted in 1 Corinthians 6:19. Yet if statistics are to be believed, church congregations’ buildings are on the decline.  Construction & Arson According to a 2014 Wall Street Journal article by Ben Leubsdorf, “construction of […]


Do You Celebrate Halloween?

By Jacqueline J. Holness As a candy-corn-loving minister’s daughter, this time of the year always made me more excluded than any other when I was growing up. In addition to learning the Ten Commandments as a child, I also learned the unofficial 11th Commandment: Thou Shall Not Celebrate Halloween. I already felt different in my […]