The Lesson and Life for January 1

by Matt Thompson How easy is it to allow your “yes to be yes” in your walk with Christ? Have you ever heard others say they will do whatever it takes to move up in life, even if it means veering from the right path? In my first job after college, I heard coworkers lie […]

A slave, a shepherd, and a deportee

The Editor’s Desk by Shawn McMullen Some people aspire to greatness; others attain it. Joseph didn’t desire to rule over his family, but the dreams God gave him indicated he would. Relating his dreams to his father and brothers only stirred up resentment. As a result, he was sold to slave traders (Genesis 37:28) and […]


A Righteous Man

by Alan Dowd It’s odd that the Bible doesn’t tell us much about Joseph, the husband of Mary. After all, Jesus spent many—perhaps most—of his formative years with Joseph. In a patriarchal, male-dominated society like that of first-century Judea, we might expect more detail on this fill-in father figure. But the Joseph of the Gospels […]