Week 47 Character | Just Be a Branch

I love grapes.  Please note—this is not a wayward comment. It’s a well-contemplated opinion, and a high compliment at that, because I enjoy a lot of fruit. There’s competition for top banana. Speaking of bananas, I don’t like to go a day without one, because of the potassium as well as taste (though they must […]

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How to Say Goodbye

By Kelly Carr Tomorrow I get to see Hamilton: An American Musical with a friend and my daughter. Soon the culmination of months of anticipation will be in our grasp—and then it will be over. That’s the way life is. In the Hamilton song “One Last Time,” George Washington tells his mentee, Alexander Hamilton, that […]


One of the Bad Guys

By Kelly Carr It’s never fun to open a book and discover you relate to the bad guys. How am I a Pharisee? Let me count the ways. For years when I read about pharisaical tendencies, I felt chief among them. Their qualities were my qualities. Their desire for rule, order, discipline, and legalism fit […]

Japanese woman having a glass of water

Still Thirsty

By Kelly Carr Water—there’s something about it that fascinates me. Nature draws my mind to God, water especially. It causes me to reflect upon the Lord. When I am by an ocean, the magnitude of God’s power overwhelms me. When I glimpse a waterfall, his grandeur is showered upon my soul. When I am by […]

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Step into the Light

By Kelly Carr This week we begin a four-part series looking at four different people (or groups of people) Jesus encountered. Each Scripture text comes from the book of John. As I have discovered before in this job as editor, when I read what our authors create, I gain new perspective on familiar stories. For […]