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Vacation—All I Ever Wanted

By Kelly Carr I was never so happy not to have cell phone service. Not getting service for my smart phone is usually annoying. I feel at a disadvantage if I can’t immediately look up directions or search for information. Yes, I know it’s a modern, first-world problem. I use my smart phone for a […]

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People Are Watching You

By Kelly Carr As we noted a few weeks ago, sometimes we don’t feel creative, yet we create all the time. Similarly, sometimes we don’t think we have leadership abilities, yet we lead by example all the time. That’s right—people are watching us, perhaps imitating us, even when we are not aware. They’re receiving messages […]

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Encouraging Your Influence

by Kelly Carr You are leading and influencing people every day in some way. You may lead your small group at church, you may lead in the business world, you may lead your children, you may lead by example. Catalyst is a conference for leaders (catalystleader.com). As its president, Tyler Reagin, said, “It’s not just […]

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Rooted and Established in Love

By Kelly Carr I’m fascinated by giant tree roots that become visible—to see the winding intricacies involved in holding up and growing the beauty that rises above. And I love the stories I’ve heard since childhood of trees like the redwoods that thrive on intertwining their roots with others to grow. It’s no wonder that […]

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The Most Difficult Simple Message

By Kelly Carr Oftentimes we focus on the things that are not rather than the things that are:  Those are not the words I use. That is not the food I eat.  This is not the music I listen to. Those are not the clothes I wear.  We are tempted to define people by what […]