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My Mother’s Day Gift

By Kelly Carr I decided that since it was Mother’s Day, and since I’m a mom, I should be able to kick back and relax—take the day off. Seems fair, right? But this editorial had to get written first. So I approached my daughter, Kaelyn. She’s 11 years old and in fifth grade, and she […]

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Drugs on My Street

By Kelly Carr It happened the first week we moved in. For almost 10 years we lived on a busy city street: cars whizzed by and ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars—sirens blaring—made their way to those in need. People walked past from the bus stop, sometimes singing, sometimes talking on the phone, sometimes loudly […]

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When a Friend Faces Depression

By Kelly Carr We make snap judgments every day. We look at people and create assumptions about what they must be going through. Yet we only see from our own eyes, and it’s hard to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes when we’ve never experienced what they’ve experienced. So with this topic at hand, I […]


Editor Change for The Lookout

Shawn McMullen has been named the new editor of The Lookout. He will begin his tenure at the end of May. Christian Standard Media’s new publisher, Jerry Harris, said, “We are so excited about having Shawn on the team. His leadership, pastoral, and editorial experience will serve this ministry so well. We are also so […]

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Get Out, Get Moving

By Kelly Carr Spring might be my new favorite season. (I used to be a fall girl. I still love it too.) After the short days of winter and the cold and cloudy atmosphere that exists for so long in Cincinnati, the peek of blooms and warming sun lifts my spirits. I find energy anew. […]