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Honoring the Fathers

By Kelly Carr We require a lot out of you, dads: •  We want you to be strong enough to carry our family but tender with our fragile emotions. •  We want you to help provide but have time to be around. •  We want you to know how to fix things when we ask […]

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He Makes Beautiful Things

By Kelly Carr I knew I had to go that day or it would be too late—it was peak bloom season for tulips at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. It’s my favorite time of year, but tulip season is quick. Wait too long and they wilt. Perhaps their brief brilliance gives me more appreciation […]

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Trust Fall

By Kelly Carr “I thought she said ‘back flip,’ so I moved out of the way. But she actually said ‘trust fall’ and then fell, but I didn’t catch her!” That was a story from a young girl about church camp. The the child who trusted was OK, so the story made me giggle. Ah, […]

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Listen, Learn, and Live

By Kelly Carr This week marks Memorial Day—when our nation stops to remember those who gave their lives in military service to our country. Stopping to remember is not a new concept. One of my favorite stories in the Bible is in Nehemiah. After Nehemiah and his team worked for many weeks, simultaneously fighting off […]

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Tell Me More

By Kelly Carr Listening is one of my favorite hobbies. I’m not even kidding. I love stories, and everyone has a story. I tend to ask questions of others. Sometimes the conversations eke along slowly when their answers are short or people are reserved and don’t want to talk much about themselves. But I like […]