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Come In

By Kelly Carr It’s time. But we’ve arrived embarrassingly late to the grand event, skittering to a halt before the guest of honor. Our garments are tattered and spattered with mud. We are a sight to behold. We are the impetuous children, having frolicked and spurned guidance, fully ensconced in our own whimsies, play, and […]


It Is Finished

By Kelly Carr Think about the last big goal you set for yourself. You had a date of accomplishment looming somewhere in the future. To get to that point, there were steps along the way you had to first traverse. But at last you arrived at the moment of completion. How does it feel now […]

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Transition: The Great Unknown

By Kelly Carr Change can be intimidating. Even if you look forward to the adventure, many variables and question marks hang out in the great unknown. One situation where this happens is the transition of young people from adolescents to adults—leaving the protective structure of home to forge their own paths as grown-ups. There are […]

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Stuck in the Middle

By Kelly Carr We’ve looked at the opposing ends of the spectrum, and now in the final week of our generations series, we go to the middle. What exactly defines “middle age”? While one dictionary classifies it as age 45 to 64, some begin it as low as 35. Whoa—that’s getting personal, as I fall […]


Golden Oldies

By Kelly Carr As we continue in our generations series, this week we are hearing from the “golden oldies” crowd. Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to raise your hands and state your age and health status. You can silently affirm if you fall in this category. First, I begin by stating to you oldest […]