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The Heart of the Game

By Kelly Carr It will be a familiar tale in households across the country today. Tis the season for the majority of America to gather with loved ones, food at the ready, experiencing a bonding camaraderie highlighted with high fives or shouts of frustration. What is this siren song, calling everyone forth? It’s the biggest […]

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Called to the Little Things

By Kelly Carr As I write this, I have recently experienced the joy of the International Conference on Missions (ICOM). When I consider this week’s topic of calling and purpose, all the wonderful people I met at ICOM come to mind. Walking the exhibit hall at ICOM is fascinating, inspiring, and humbling. It’s fascinating to […]


Who Are You?

By Kelly Carr Who are you? How would others describe you—what image do you depict to the world? What’s truly on the inside? Maybe those answers line up or maybe they don’t. Some of us project confidence, as if we’ve got life under control, when really we’re swirling with unease within. Others put on a […]


The Crayon Effect

By Kelly Carr There’s nothing like a fresh box of crayons—preferably the box of 64, with rows of sharpened colors all lined up, vibrant and awaiting use. But if you were to go back to look at my box a few weeks later, there’d be noticeable differences. The boldest colors will have gotten use: brick […]


Tension in Mercy

By Kelly Carr Living in the city, it’s a tension I experience daily. I pull up my car to a stoplight, and there stands a person, sign in hand, seeking money. Faces become familiar as people have corners they frequent. But today was different. I saw Isaac. Just hours before, Isaac showed up at our […]