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Kids These Days

By Kelly Carr Today we begin a three-part series on generations. What’s that? I’m glad you asked! God’s church is made up of many different people. One difference is our ages. Last year when we talked about cross-generational relationships, it was eye-opening to be reminded of the benefits that come from people of various ages […]

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Fun Is Good

By Kelly Carr Sometimes when we think about the Bible, we get our serious faces on. And rightly so, as there are serious topics within. However, we may overlook the joys in God’s Word. When we consider the Old Testament, we tend to lean toward the commandments (serious rules) and the punishment given to God’s […]


Take Another Look

By Kelly Carr If you thought about the word overlooked to describe someone, who comes to mind? Perhaps that is a difficult question—precisely because the person is overlooked. As we conclude our See Your Community series, we want to take a deeper dive into the challenge of evaluating our neighborhoods. As we’ve discussed serving needs […]

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It’s What You’re Already Doing

By Kelly Carr Have you ever heard a sermon or conversation at church that involves the words witnessing or the even more stately evangelism? Those sound intimidating to many people (including me!). We might have visions of street-corner preachers shouting or holding signs. We may have visions of knocking on doors and giving tracts to […]

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Inspiring Stories

By Kelly Carr This week we begin a three-week series we’ve titled See Your Community. We’re examining the ways people serve their neighbors, build friendships, and care for people who might otherwise be overlooked. How does your church serve the community around it? Perhaps your congregation holds free events and encourages others to attend. Perhaps […]