Give Up or Play On?

By Kelly Carr   Today is one of the most celebrated days in America—Super Bowl Sunday. Whether you’re a tried and true football fan or just in it for the commercials, most TVs in the U.S. will be tuned in—ratings show that since 2010, over 100 million people have watched each year.  I’ll admit—football isn’t […]


Conversing with the Almighty

By Kelly Carr   If you haven’t noticed, tons of books have been written about prayer. Formulas have been offered. Metaphors have been devised. God’s responses have been questioned. Truly it remains a challenge for us, finite human beings, to comprehend and enact communication with an infinite, all-powerful, spiritual being. Prayer is simple. It’s also […]


Great Faith for Ordinary People

By Kelly Carr, Interim Editor   Faith can be intimidating. It sounds like an attribute only the super-spiritual can attain. Some people seem to have an abundance of faith; at times we don’t feel like we have enough.  There’s even an entire chapter of the Bible dedicated to people who showed great faith. Read through […]


New Year, New Adventures

Kelly Carr, Interim Editor   There is so much potential in a new year, don’t you think? Fresh starts. New opportunities. A year just beginning—so far, untouched.   Challenge Initiated Last year at this time, my congregation’s minister (also known as my husband) challenged our church to live out a Year of Creativity. We were […]

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Ever-Present Help in Trouble

By Kelly Carr   Last year Americans paid more than $400 million to be frightened. That is the estimated 2012 U.S. ticket sales of movies in the horror genre. Whether you like to watch scary films or not, most of us approach fear differently when it is very real and threatening our own lives.  Fear […]