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Marriage Made in Heaven

By Simon Presland   God intended marriage to be a joyous and sacred union for all couples, but even more so for Christians. For believers, marriage is a representation of Christ’s relationship to the church—he is our husband and we are his bride. We also know that maintaining a “heavenly” marriage requires work, and the […]


Taking the Shame Out of Sex

by Kara L. Johnson My first lessons in sexuality came from gestures and jokes made by kids on my elementary school bus. Once my mom tried to have “the talk” with me, and all I remember is sitting on the couch, gawking at a book with brightly colored medical illustrations and suddenly feeling an uncomfortable […]

Marriage is not obsolete

Another Look by David Faust According to a widely publicized study reported by Time magazine and the Pew Research Center last November, almost four out of 10 (39 percent) of Americans believe marriage is becoming obsolete. This number is up considerably from 28 percent in a similar survey taken in 1978. The research also indicates […]


Fighting to Submit

by Amy Simon I never thought I would have a hard time submitting to my husband’s leadership in our marriage. He’s a mature, godly man who isn’t afraid to lead and I’m a compliant, submissive person—until I disagree with my husband’s decisions! Over the years, through some fighting and some learning, I’ve grown in my […]