Why they went

By Shawn McMullen   Since Jesus commissioned the apostles to make disciples of all nations, men and women have been traveling the globe to take the good news of the gospel to those who haven’t heard. Recently I asked some missionaries I know to tell us why they chose the mission field.       Dale […]

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Developing a Heart for Global Evangelism

By Dr. Bill Patterson     The Korean farmer showed missionary Danny Henderson the graves of his ancestors. The mounds formed neat rows up the side of a steep mountain.  “You’ve taken good care of them,” Henderson replied as he noticed the spotless condition of the dozens of burial mounds. “Yes, but that’s not why I brought you,” […]

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Making Missions Matter

By Gayle Crowe   Let’s begin with the numbers (from the International Bulletin of Missionary Research, Vol. 34, No. 1). • Total world population: 7,052,132,000 • Christians of all kinds: 2,325,707,000 • Christians in Africa: 486,695,000 • Christians in Asia: 359,373,000 • Christians in Latin America: 549,075,000 • Christians in North America: 224,930,000 These statistics frame the […]

Young and Commissioned

by Terrell Clemmons The suffocating heat had been engulfing Jessica from the moment she stepped off the plane. Then there were the street musicians playing for tips. The music was lively, but the sights, sounds, and faces of this unfamiliar place threatened to bring on sensory overload for the 16 year old on her first […]