It's Time for Bifocals

It’s Time for Bifocals

by Joy Crichton It was another warm Sunday morning in Florida. My husband, our four children, and I had traveled from Ohio to present our African church planting mission to the gathered saints. The church buildings and grounds were beautiful and the people listened with excitement about our ministry to the Third World. Yet, at […]

Global Evangelism

New Strategies in Global Evangelism

by Greg Swinney When Jesus spoke with his disciples following the resurrection he sandwiched three words in the middle of his final challenge. They may seem daunting and overwhelming, and for some the three words sound like the theme song from Mission Impossible. We tend to quickly pass over the three words: “Of all nations.” […]

Praying for More Workers

Praying for More Workers

by Eva Juliuson Recently our church heard a report from a husband and wife team we support who have been missionaries to Brazil for over 17 years. It is always exciting to hear what God is doing in other countries. My husband and I serve on our church mission team, so we have heard many […]


Purpose-Driven Vacations

by Tammy Darling When it comes to vacations many people are no longer content to sit on the beach and work on their tan. They want to do something lasting, something that makes a difference in the lives of others. A lot of families are looking to their vacation time as a way to reconnect. […]