Moses and the burning bush on Mount Horeb. This window is located in the cathedral of Brussels and was created in 1866, no property release is required.

Moses—The Uniform Lesson for July 2, 2017

By Mark Scott One of the great characteristics of God is his interpersonal capacity. He communicates. He called judges to rescue his people (last month’s lessons). He also called prophets to prosecute his people (this month’s lessons). “Prophets don’t prepare messages. Prophets are messages” (Spirit, Word, and Story by Calvin Miller). Moses is often viewed […]

Eldad, Medad, and me

Another Look by David Faust The Hebrews were hungry, but Moses was fed up. Maybe you have felt that way, too. Moses had grown weary of the burden of leadership, exhausted from trying to lead the foot-dragging multitude across the barren wilderness where food was scarce but gripes were plentiful. Grumblers whined, “If only we […]