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Why the Resurrection Matters

By Steve Wyatt   His name was Cleopas—and he felt hopeless. So did his friend.  These two friends had gone to Jerusalem to join up with Israel’s latest, greatest world-changer—another prophet, this time from Nazareth, who was rumored to be the one who would forever end Rome’s tyrannical reign.  But instead?  Although they had left […]

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One of Us Is Wrong

By Steve Wyatt   “One of us is wrong . . .” An offense has happened. Right out of the gate, battle lines get drawn. I’m on one side because I believe that the one who is wrong is you. And you’re on the other side, equally convinced that the one who is wrong is […]

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The Sacred Shadow

By Steve Wyatt   Years ago I attended a retreat where every attendee had to tell his story. Not our success stories; we had to talk about our underbellies.  Few people enjoy talking in public; fewer like to expose their soft spots when they do. So as we walked to the podium, we were handed […]

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Growing Up PK

By Steve Wyatt   “Hello. My name is Steve and I’m a PK.” It’s a chronic condition, this PK syndrome—and more widespread than many realize. Most of you reading this have either known a PK or perhaps you are a PK. I write this confessional because I’m not my family’s only PK—my kids are also […]

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Sorry, This Won’t Fit on a Hallmark Card

By Steve Wyatt   My parents grew up in Heaven. Well, “almost Heaven.” You can’t hear me but I’m humming right now. We West Virginians are proud of our mountains and hills. We see them as strong and beautiful—even protective. Sadly, our family moved to Illinois when I was 11. And where we lived, it […]