Leaving a Legacy

By Steve Wyatt Our church serves a master-planned community that’s evenly divided between two very different demographic groups. Parkside surrounds a huge community and is teeming with young families. Country Club is designed for boomers and beyond (many of whom we affectionately call snowbirds) and is nestled at the base of a mountain with two […]

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Only Just Everything

By Steve Wyatt If you’re a tenured Christ follower—with the scars to prove it—you’ll find the following statements difficult to accept but impossible to deny: • Believers discuss love more than we display love. • We love the Father but beat up his kids. • We shout that God so loves the world—though we followers remain way […]

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Love is a Battlefield

By Steve Wyatt   There’s a war going on inside me, a fight that’s been raging for a long, long time. Sometimes I think I’m winning this battle; other times I feel like waving the white flag. There are days when I think I have my nemesis on the ropes; but other days I’m retreating […]

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The Essence of Goodness

By Steve Wyatt   My favorite teaching style is biographical. I love to take the full story (not just the highlights but also the lowlights) of God’s truly greats—and break them down from birth to the grave. What I invariably find is that even God’s finest struggled with the same stuff with which I struggle.  […]