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The Meaning of “Was”

By Steve Wyatt   Jesus Christ exists beyond time. He had no beginning and will never experience an end. He is eternally constant, eternally present.  Now relax. We’ll never completely understand the concept, and most likely, we’ll continue to shrug and sigh at the mere suggestion that Jesus eternally “was.” Even so, a proper understanding […]

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Red Sun

By Steve Wyatt   In August, my wife and I were nestled on the lush lawn of the beautiful Sun Valley Pavilion in Idaho preparing to enjoy Tchaikovsky’s Symphony Number 5. What we hadn’t anticipated was a stunning visual display that would take place in the heavens; a show that created a fitting backdrop for […]

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Does Sexual Purity Still Make Sense?

By Steve Wyatt   Our Creator has never succumbed to cultural pressure, not even when lonely Adam was checking out birds, elephants, and orangutans looking for relationship. Adam’s task was to name the animals, but evidently he was also screening for a potential mate. We know that because “no suitable helper was found” (Genesis 2:20). […]

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Tracing Rainbows

By Steve Wyatt   I visited Pinetop, Arizona two years after my late wife, Cindy, and I had spent a week there. It was after her initial rounds of radiation and chemo and we had gone there to celebrate the “end” of her cancer. Two weeks later she had a seizure, and what we thought […]

Hold It Out

By Steve Wyatt   Several years ago, talk show host Merv Griffin interviewed a group of bodybuilders. Merv, a soft and mushy kind of guy, found himself surrounded by six-pack stomachs, granite-like glutes, and biceps as big as tree trunks.  Impressed by their muscularity, Merv asked what at first seemed humorous, but eventually became a […]