Faithless in Little, Faithless in Much

By T. R. Robertson When I was 6 years old, my parents accidentally left me behind at the church one Sunday evening. I’d been running amok in the basement with the other kids and wasn’t paying attention to what my family was doing. When I finally wore out and came to the front of the […]

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Freedom—Just Another Word?

By T. R. Robertson The meaning of the word freedom has been in dispute for as long as there have been huddled masses, yearning to be free. To the men who signed the Declaration of Independence it meant freedom from the oppression of British rule. They wrote their statement of freedom in the language of […]

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Opting In

By T. R. Robertson My first year as a father was everything I had expected, plus a whole lot of what I hadn’t even imagined. The first child to come to our home was a little over a year old. The social worker brought him to our house one afternoon and told us we would […]

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On Mission Online

By T. R. Robertson Social media sites can be a blessing, but they can also cause problems for our witness to others. Consider these practical DOs and DON’Ts for being on mission on social media: • DO know your mission as a Christian: to bring glory to God in everything you do and to draw others […]

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Fellowship in a Small Town

By T. R. Robertson In January 2007, 40 people gathered at an intermediate school in Hallsville, Missouri, for the first Sunday assembly of Rocky Fork Fellowship. Over nine years later, an average of 450 members and seekers show up for Rocky Fork’s two services, still held in the school’s assembly area. In those years, Rocky […]