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God Works Where You Work

By T. R. Robertson “God is doing a great work here in southeast Asia,” says a missionary in his latest newsletter. A friend who is a campus minister talks frequently about the blessings of watching God at work in the lives of students on the university campus. The weekly offering meditation on Sunday morning often […]

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Yes—And . . .

By T. R. Robertson Have you heard the terminology of yes-and? It comes from the art of improv, where actors work together to spin out a story on the spot, with no rehearsal or script. Improv only works when each participant is willing to say yes to whatever their partner says and use it as […]

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Listen Now, Be Heard Later

By T. R. Robertson “Mom, your whole life is going away.” This statement was delivered by a 3-year-old boy. “My whole life is going away?” his mother asked. “Yeah. You’re going to die.” Stacy confesses her first thought was, Gee, thanks, but only told him, “Yes, but I hope not right away.” Out of the […]


With Jesus on the Road to Destiny

By T. R. Robertson Jesus is bound and determined to join the Passover pilgrimage. He could make the safer choice and stay with his friends in Bethany. But no, he wants to join the crowds in Jerusalem, the city where the Jewish and Roman leaders are eagerly awaiting an opportunity to arrest him. The walk […]

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Small Churches—Big Impact

By T. R. Robertson In towns and cities all over America, small churches are known for more than their Sunday morning services. I asked the leaders of several small congregations (under 200) to share how each church serves their community. The answers prove it doesn’t take a big congregation to have a huge impact. Community […]