Pause to Remember

By T. R. Robertson This past year, on a chilly weekend in January, my wife’s extended family and several of their friends gathered in Pittsfield, Illinois, for a memorable reunion. People drove or flew or caravanned from as far as Florida, Texas, Kansas, and Missouri. They came from metropolitan Chicago and ‘don’t blink or you’ll […]

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What’s in It for Me?

By T. R. Robertson “So why do you guys do this?” I posed the question to a group of men who were cooking up hundreds of hamburgers and hot dogs on a pair of barbecue grills. They were working diligently to keep up with the steady stream of hungry college students who had shown up […]

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Strategy Sessions with Jesus

By T. R. Robertson Prayer, for many people, is like climbing onto Santa’s lap at the mall and giving him a list of everything you want. Others approach prayer like haggling with a used car salesman or reciting the pledge of allegiance. For Jesus, prayer was a vital part of his mission, a strategy session […]

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That Song Stuck in Your Head

By T. R. Robertson Woah oh oh oh . . . Woah oh oh oh . . . It was a Monday morning this past summer and I was driving down the highway on my way to work. My radio hasn’t worked since I bought this hunk of junk car, so, as usual, the only […]

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Based on a True Story

By T. R. Robertson Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison is Piper Kerman’s best-selling book about her 13-month incarceration in a federal prison.  The details of Kerman’s story ring true to me. I’ve never spent a day locked up in a prison, but as a volunteer chaplain in a women’s […]