Whether you are making a joyful noise or treasuring up all these things in your heart, I hope you find new aspects of God to worship and find special ways to offer that worship to him. Although he is present anytime and any place, take care to set aside special focused attention and reverence to […]

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Artists in Residence: A Unique Approach to Worship

By Kirk Sheppard   Whitewater Crossing Christian Church, located on the west side of Cincinnati near Cleves, Ohio, is doing something revolutionary with its worship.  Four years ago, the former Westwood Cheviot Church of Christ was a traditional church. Choir robes, liturgy, and classical music were the standard. Then a change in leadership occurred, and […]


Basic Training for Worship

by Jason Hills My 8-year-old son Graham loves to play the piano. He’s pretty good, as a matter of fact. Anytime he hears a song that catches his ear he can’t wait to get his fingers on the ivory to pluck out the melody. He can figure out tunes he heard a week ago on […]