Pleasing God with our worship

The Editor’s Desk by Shawn McMullen How can we make sure God is pleased when we worship? We might begin by asking ourselves a few questions. Is God the object of my worship? Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard observed, “In the most earnest sense, God is the critical theatergoer. . . . The speaker is then […]

lesson & life

The Lesson and Life for April 17

by John M. Fuller A country gal visited a very formal church in the city. While listening to the sermon she shouted, “Praise the Lord!” The congregation was shocked. An usher came down the aisle and told her to be quiet. She couldn’t help herself. Later she exclaimed, “Amen!” The usher issued another warning to […]


Forms of Worship

by Ruth O’Neil I was slightly offended one Sunday morning when a friend expressed her displeasure with my response to worship. She thought I needed to respond to God the same way she did. Her insistence interrupted my personal communion with God during the worship service. We Are Not All the Same Because we’re not […]