Who Will Hear My Cofession

Who Will Hear My Confession?

by Steven Clark Goad The Catholic Church encourages its members to confess their sins to a priest. Though many churches have not formalized confession to that degree, they nonetheless encourage confession among their members. In many congregations an invitation is offered for those who need to come to Christ, or confess sins, or be restored. […]

The Lesson and Life

The Lesson and Life for June 26, 2011

by Steve Reeves Everybody has faith in something. Even an atheist has faith in his own reason. Hebrews 11:30 says, “By faith the walls of Jericho fell, after the people had marched around them for seven days.” Hindering Faith So . . . what’s holding you back? What’s your Jericho? Jericho was the oldest city […]

Faith and work

The Editor’s Desk by Shawn McMullen When I think about Bible characters who took their faith to work, I think about Joseph. Sold to human traffickers by his jealous brothers, transported miles from his homeland into a strange country, auctioned off as a common slave to an Egyptian official, we might have expected Joseph to […]

Praying with a firm faith

The Editor’s Desk by Shawn McMullen An elderly Christian minister was asked what he would do differently if he had his life to live over. He replied, “I would study more and pray less.” He wasn’t downplaying prayer. He was advocating the careful study of God’s Word—a discipline that filters our prayers. Sometimes we make […]

Money Matters: Bible Secrets For Financial Security

by Victor Parachin After Josh and Becky (pseudonyms) were married, they continued working at their respective jobs. Even though their combined income was substantial, they began to assume debt. “Initially, it was small,” Josh explains. “We used credit cards for clothing purchases, for vacations, for holiday gifts, then to pay for some classes Becky needed. […]