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Making Room for Play

By Brian Jennings What role does playfulness have in the kingdom of God? The role of play in the life of a Christian is often overlooked and not discussed, but the truth is that healthy playfulness has a huge role in the kingdom of God. Yes, sometimes play can distract from learning. Yes, sometimes play […]

Sibling rivalry

By Bev and Phil Haas Summer is supposed to be a fun time, but I am dreading it because my two daughters bicker and fight so much. Since they are so close in age (11 and 12), I expect some conflict and competition; but this is getting to be too much. What do you suggest? […]

Fun for the holidays

Home Life by Bev and Phil Haas I want Christmas to be special. Childhood Christmas memories are not pleasant for my husband and me, and it would be easy for us to ignore the holiday. But we’d like to turn this around for our children. We don’t have a treasure chest to pull ideas from […]

Kids and money

Home Bev and Phil Haas We didn’t make wise financial decisions early on as a couple and now that we have kids we don’t want them growing up and making the same mistakes. How should we begin to teach our kids about managing money? According to Charles Schwab & Company’s recent online survey, many parents […]

What was he thinking?

Home Life by Bev and Phil Haas Our sixth grade son is intellectually gifted but based on his behavior you wouldn’t know it. He’s not mean spirited, but he just doesn’t think and keeps getting into trouble at school. Last year he brought a knife to school to show his friends. Recently he was suspended […]