A lifelong faith

Home Life by Bev and Phil Haas We want our children to have a lifelong faith in God. We realize it won’t happen automatically. So how can we intentionally nurture their faith so that it lasts a lifetime?   Our family ministry team at church has been grappling with this same concern. According to Rainer […]

Can you help save my marriage?

Home Life by Bev and Phil Haas We look like the perfect couple, but those closest to us know our marriage is in trouble. My spouse has mentioned divorce as an option. I need help to save my marriage.   Many couples waste time and energy trying to keep up appearances of a good marriage […]

Parenting styles

Home Life by Bev and Phil Haas My husband and I have different parenting styles. What can we do to create more teamwork in parenting our kids? God created each of us uniquely, so the fact that the two of you approach parenting differently is no surprise. Family educators often identify two essentials in parenting: […]

Maximizing your child’s learning potential

Home Life by Bev and Phil Haas I guess most parents think their kids are smart, but I’m concerned as I see my children regress in their thinking and creativity as they go through school. Yet they do very well on the school’s standardized testing. My children are complaining about being bored. Is it time […]