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Following a Long-Serving Leader

By Dr. Bill Patterson Consider the following scenario: You are asked to teach a Bible class for your church. The request fulfills your heart’s desire. It seems God trained you for the task by deepening your understanding of his Word over the years and by increasing your love for people you’ve been asked to teach. […]

Leading the way for a new generation

The Editor’s Desk by Shawn McMullen I owned a Daniel Boone action figure when I was a boy. It was one of my favorite toys. Among other accessories, my 12-inch molded plastic wilderness hero came outfitted with a hatchet, a flintlock rifle, bear and beaver traps, and a removable coonskin cap. My action figure and […]

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The Lesson and Life for March 27

by Becky Ahlberg Have you seen experts on TV analyzing people’s body language? It’s become quite an art. What did the use of hands, a raised eyebrow, or eye contact really communicate? It can get a little goofy, until you stop to realize that how we communicate is as important as what we communicate. What […]

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The Lesson and Life for March 20

by Becky Ahlberg For those who aspire to leadership in the church an important reality must be faced: The Christian life is not for sissies! Few lifestyles require more of a person than aspiring to follow Christ—and to lead his people. The cost of discipleship is high and never ending. Our passage today includes words […]