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The Lesson and Life for March 13

by Becky Ahlberg Did you know you can earn a doctorate in leadership? It has become the subject in circles from the church to education, business, government, and even sports. A quick look on Amazon.com shows 62,467 books with “leadership” in the title! There is certainly no shortage of advice, guidelines, theories, and dissertations about […]

Winning the leadership battle

Guest Columnist Dr. Gary L. Johnson We’re still at war. Thousands of troops are courageously deployed in Afghanistan, attempting to win the longest-fought war in American history—and it appears we’re not gaining ground. Yet, we’re not only at war on the other side of the world; we’re still at war here. The war isn’t between […]


The Ministry of Mentoring

by Dr. Bill Patterson Dan’s* eyes moistened as he talked about his conversion. “When I grew up, we were poor. Mom and Dad both worked. It seemed no one had time for children from my neighborhood. However, a leader in our church taught our mission group. Doug Smith* really cared. I could see it in […]


Developing Confident Leaders

by Peggy Park When it comes to ministry, it is a privilege and responsibility to pass on what we have learned to those who serve alongside us. As we lead, we must remain open to the suggestions of other members and not cling to the mind-set that says, “We have never done it this way.” […]


Passing the Baton

by Terry MacCabe Ministry in the local church can be hard. Every Monday morning in America thousands of heavy hearted, worn out ministers draft resignation letters. Some of these letters get delivered, some get shelved, and thankfully many are discarded. Young preachers are leaving the ministry at an alarming rate. Having graduated from Bible college […]