Ministering from the Heart

by Jenny Parker It happened almost 18 years ago, but hearing someone else’s story brings the memories back in an instant. The ache of empty arms longing to hold a baby that is not there, the stillness where there should be laughter and little cries, and the overwhelming feelings of sadness and loss. What started […]


Forms of Worship

by Ruth O’Neil I was slightly offended one Sunday morning when a friend expressed her displeasure with my response to worship. She thought I needed to respond to God the same way she did. Her insistence interrupted my personal communion with God during the worship service. We Are Not All the Same Because we’re not […]


The Five Ps of Public Speaking

by Linda Gilden Some surveys indicate more people suffer from glossophobia than from necrophobia. Simply put, more people are afraid of standing in front of an audience to speak than are afraid of dying. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Much of the fear of public speaking is generated from a lack of […]