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The Lesson and Life for October 2

by John Russell While conducting a seminar for married couples, radio personality Dr. James Dobson drew a simple illustration on a white board representing a normal pattern of a relationship with a line showing highs and lows. He was emphasizing the need for balance amid life’s circumstances and depicting how life isn’t a neatly designed […]

A few more euphemisms, please

Another Look by David Faust According to the philosopher Aristophanes, “High thoughts must have high language.” If that’s true, what does our language say about the way we view human sexuality? Aren’t you weary of the vulgarity so common in American life? Rare is the comedian who tells jokes without peppering his routines with profanity. […]


Becoming a Disciple Maker

by Marcy Kennedy In the West African nation of Ghana, where the good news of the gospel is still a new message to many, the question, “Am I ready to disciple someone else?” is rarely considered or asked. OneHope, an international evangelistic mission to children, realizes that for the gospel to spread in Africa, people […]


A Work in Progress

by Alan Dowd The dictionary defines disciple as “one who accepts and assists in spreading the doctrines of another 
. . . a convinced adherent of a school or individual.” The word is rooted in the Latin term for student. But I think Jesus has a slightly different definition of disciple. Exposed The first time […]