Faith and work

The Editor’s Desk by Shawn McMullen When I think about Bible characters who took their faith to work, I think about Joseph. Sold to human traffickers by his jealous brothers, transported miles from his homeland into a strange country, auctioned off as a common slave to an Egyptian official, we might have expected Joseph to […]


Seven Spiritual Disciplines for the Workplace

by Victor M. Parachin One recent morning eight-year-old Mario was going door-to-door asking neighbors in South Central Los Angeles for canned food. Although the boy and his family struggle to survive, Mario, a third grader at 52nd Street Elementary school, was not begging for himself. He was proudly participating in a school program. The program […]


Making the Truth Visible

by Karen Wingate A Chinese church leader once met with some American businessmen. “How do you share Christ in your workplace?” he asked one man. “We couldn’t do that!” came the horrified answer. “We would get fired.” The Chinese man quietly asked, “And the problem with that is . . . ?” Every Christian’s primary […]