Small Group Questions

Where You Live for August 28, 2011

by Dan Lentz 1. Have you ever explored your family tree? What is your family’s ethnic heritage? What is the origin of your family name? Read Ruth 4:1-10. 2. In the time of Ruth and Boaz, the continuation of a family line was very important. Today children and grandchildren are seen as extensions of their […]


Purpose-Driven Vacations

by Tammy Darling When it comes to vacations many people are no longer content to sit on the beach and work on their tan. They want to do something lasting, something that makes a difference in the lives of others. A lot of families are looking to their vacation time as a way to reconnect. […]


A Righteous Man

by Alan Dowd It’s odd that the Bible doesn’t tell us much about Joseph, the husband of Mary. After all, Jesus spent many—perhaps most—of his formative years with Joseph. In a patriarchal, male-dominated society like that of first-century Judea, we might expect more detail on this fill-in father figure. But the Joseph of the Gospels […]