Where You Live — for August 19

By Dan Lentz   1. Regardless of your giftedness, if you could be the leader of a group or organization, what would it be and why? In what areas of leadership are you involved right now?   Read Jeremiah 23:1-6; 33:14-18.   2. As you read these verses, what are the major problems you see […]

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Where You Live for January 1

by Dan Lentz 1. Have you ever had to suffer for doing the right thing? (Some examples are: you received a lower grade when you could have easily cheated, you turned down a promotion that would have taken you away from your family, you seemingly weakened a relationship for speaking the truth in love.) Talk […]

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Where You Live for December 25

by Dan Lentz 1. What is new in your life right now? Are you singing a happy song about it, or singing the blues? Read Luke 1:46-55; 2:1-7. 2. Despite the awkwardness of Mary’s situation, she still sang a song of praise to the Lord. What did she praise the Lord for in these verses? […]